Monday, January 31, 2011

Best Spots For Butterfly Tattoo Designs

After spending hours, days, weeks or even months searching through butterfly tattoo designs and setting your heart on the prefect one, the worst thing you never want to happen is for your tattoo to come out fuzzy after healing. It would be a HUGE disappointment to pick out a beautifully intricate butterfly tattoo, only to have it end up looking like BLOB (or one of those psychology ink blot tests.)

There are two VERY CRUCIAL elements to factor in when getting one of your favorite butterfly tattoo designs inked.

1) Where you get inked


2) Who does it

Before I go into the best spots for butterfly tattoo designs, I want to focus on your choice of tattoo artists for a moment.

There is a specific way of tattooing so that the ink will settle into the skin correctly and not "color outside the lines." An experienced tattooist will know exactly what angle to hold his/her tattoo gun for the most crisp drawing possible.

This is where YOUR research for a qualified tattoo artist will pay off BIG TIME! If you walk into a parlor and settle for the first guy or gal that comes around the desk without looking at the quality of their work, without asking questions about their technique or experience, you COULD BE setting yourself up for disappointment.

Finding the perfect butterfly tattoo designs is only half the battle. You still have to find an artist who can actually draw it for you so that you'll have a beautiful piece of artwork on your body forever.

Now onto the best spots to get inked. Some skin is so thin that the ink bleeds out underneath, which causes "the blob." But most of the clouding can be prevented by a highly reputable tattoo artist who takes pride in their work, not only in the result but in their performance as well.

Also, "the blob" can happen when the tattoo is on the upper part of the body, if the artist can't reach the area comfortably. They will need to hold the needle at a precise angle, be able to extend their arm comfortably, and the ink should be able to flow to the tip without tilting the needle.

If you want your choice of butterfly tattoo designs on the upper part of your body, you should probably lay down or sit however the artist needs you to. Their comfort is really more important than yours at this point. I mean, you want them to do a good job, right?

Here are the best spots for butterfly tattoo designs that are also VERY SEXY areas:

Ankle- Especially the meatier part that's higher up on your calf.

Lower Back- Lots of relatively flat space to work on and easy to get to.

Foot- Not recommended if you have a high instep (the top of your foot, opposite of your arch) or thin skin with visible veins and tendons. But if you have a flatter, "fatter" foot, it's very easy for the artist to work on.

Shoulder Blade- Just be prepared to lay down or work with your artist so that they are comfortable enough to work without the need to improve or take short-cuts to "make it work."

Hips- Either the front, side or back is sexy especially if you have a group of butterflies floating around the curve of your hip.

Neck- The back or side of the neck is the sexiest. Just be ready to keep your head and neck absolutely still, neck extended, and head facing the floor for the entire project. Maybe you should bring a book or magazine to read; that will keep you distracted from the pain as well.

Those are some recommendations to make sure YOU don't end up with a butterfly BLOB tattoo

Sunday, November 28, 2010